Make sure the perfect lingerie fits the perfect way

Sometimes, a bra that feels totally wrong for you may only need a little adjustment! Learning how to wear a bra perfectly is an art and one that you, as a woman, should definitely master once you start wearing proper lingerie. There are very specific steps to ensure a bra fits properly and learning how to wear a bra perfectly is something we should all know. Once you are sure you have the perfect size and the right style for you, it is time to learn how to best wear it.
Learning how to wear a bra involves some essential steps, divided into the different parts of the bra. For your ease, let the images guide you.



Contrary to popular belief, holding up your breasts is not the straps’ job. In fact, for your best health and comfort, 80% of the support needs to come from the band. It is essential, therefore, that it fit perfectly.

  • As shown in the image, the band needs to go around your back straight and comfortably
  • If it rides up or cannot be pulled away with ease, you bra is too tight.

If the band is too loose, try going down a size. If it is too tight, try going up. If everything about the bra is perfect except the band’s fit, consider using a bra extendor.



The straps, contrary to most women’s practices, are only meant to provide 20% of the support to your breasts. The rest is all on the band and cups. This is why strapless bras are so comfortable and uncompromising on support! Plus, wearing your straps the wrong way can lead to chronic back aches and hurting shoulders. Make sure you are wearing yours correctly.

  • The main support to your breasts should be provided by the underband, not straps.
  • Ideally, the straps should rest comfortably against your shoulders and you should be able to comfortably insert two fingers under them. Under no circumstances should the straps dig into your skin.

On the other hand, if the straps slip off your shoulders, they are too loose. Consider tightening them.



The cup is the major body of the bra, the main event. It is the element that actually holds your breasts. The fitting of your cups alone can make or break your figure; the cups can mold your breasts to your perfect look, granted they fit right. Below are some tips.

  • First, wear the bra properly. Bending forward at the waist, lift your breasts up and inwards so that they can be positioned perfectly into the bra cups. Your breasts should fit comfortably, with neither extra space in the cup nor bulging over the edges of the cups. (Remember, it is important to wear the right cup size to avoid the dreaded ‘double boob’ look.)
  • If your breasts bulge from the sides or the tops, the cups are too small. Consider going one cup size up.
  • If there is extra space in the cup, the cup is too large. Consider going down one size.


Not everybody is comfortable with underwires. Some women much prefer wirefree bras or simply do not require as much support. However, for those who do wear bras with underwear, the fit is crucial. After all, the purpose of the underwire is providing maximum support. It can only do this if positioned properly.

  • Ensure that the underwire fits comfortably around your breast and against your chest.
  • The wire or the edge of the cup should not dig into breast tissue. The function is to support your bust. The underwire should only make contact with your ribcage.

If the wire digs into your breasts, try a bigger cup. If there is empty space in the cup’s material, try a smaller cup.