Summer is here! Or, if you live in Pakistan, strong chances are that it was never too far to begin with and is always just around the corner, no matter what time of year it is! Either way, you know the perfect way to cool off when it is hot and humid outside is a nice, cool dip in the pool. Moreover, containing both cardio activity and the opposing force of water resistance, it is an excellent source of exercise and considered by many to be their go-to workout activity. Either way – whether you swim for just casual fun or as regular exercise – like any other activity, swimming requires you to be appropriately attired. Add to that the fact that finding good quality, diversely sized, reasonably priced swimwear in our country is a near impossibility and you have yourself an excellent reason to buy swimwear online.

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    At Losha, we understand that not every woman, especially not in Pakistan, has the luxury to – or even wants to – wear a two-piece bikini or sleek, revealing wetsuit. Many have different requirements and these may involve them wanting to cover up in a way that just isn’t possible in your average swimwear. This is why our range includes bathing suits for all sorts of requirements, including diverse swimwear, from full coverage long leg suits for those who prefer not to show much skin at all to cute little swim dresses with swishy skirts that provide a little bit of coverage but are not covering enough to be suffocating. Plus, all of our swimwear is made of high quality fabric and comes in bright colours that will keep the spark in your swim with its element of fun.

    Want to treat yourself after a nice swim? Cover up in one of our ladies robes; they are all made of the fuzziest and smoothest fabric imaginable, the cutest possible thing to dry you off after a nice swim and are so soft they feel like sleeping on a fluffy cloud.