Top & Pyjama Set

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Who went and said that style was only ever needed for when you’re going out? Well, it’s safe to say that whoever it was that made that mistake clearly hadn’t come to shop at Losha, where there is a look to fit the purpose of every woman, no matter their size, shape or style preferences – yes, even when it comes to your nightwear! You sure shouldn’t make that mistake, not when Losha has for you the loveliest range of top and pyjama sets in a variety of designs – some with matching top and bottoms, others that merely complement each other, and some that come with long sleeves and buttons, and others that feature a simple yet sassy t-shirt – all to make you look sweeter than a dream. Even when it comes to patterns of our top and pyjama sets, we offer you absolutely everything from delicious floral elegance to unwind in to something with a more bold funky vibe for a fresher, sassier look, and whatever it is that falls in-between. Here, you can come pick whatever fits your tastes perfectly and keeps you feeling comfortable, secure and, best of all, like a the beautiful woman that you are!