A woman’s body is a beautiful thing; one that has, for as far as history looks back, been a vessel for human life. And of course, as is the case with most things in life, such a gift comes with certain stipulations, and amongst these we count breast-feeding. Now, rewarding or not, there is no doubt about this: motherhood is hard. And there is really no way around it. However, that said, there can always been measures taken that allow women some semblance of convenience when it comes to the situation – and that is the reason nursing bras exist. Over the course of time, undergarments have evolved spectacularly, getting to a point where they are designed for more than just providing support and coverage in mind. This is a wonderful development, and Losha represents it with pride through our fantastic range of nursing bras that have smooth cups to offer impeccable coverage and entirely prevent nipple exposure, whilst also coming with attachment hooks that can change the cups to easily-detachable flaps to undo to nurse at any time and without any hassle. At Losha, we believe in taking care of every woman – we are here to support you however we can!