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    Defined as underwear intended to control and shape the figure, shapewear does exactly what it sounds like it does; it SHAPES. Designed to nip, tuck and shape a person’s body to look exactly like they want, shapewear is a person’s secret weapon to temporarily getting their ideal figure and the secret we now know to most celebrities flaunting perfect curves under fitted clothing on red carpets. Which is why it’s time to celebrate – at Losha, you too can buy shapewear online and give yourself the kind of shape you want to flaunt under that perfect ensemble for your cousin’s shaadi.
    Also called foundation garments, shapewear comes in several varieties aiming to temporarily shape the wearer’s body into what they desire by smoothing and controlling their shape, usually into the sort of figure that is currently fashionable. Shapewear comes in a myriad of styles and levels of control and most styles can be divided into two basic categories: body suits shaper and area-targeted shapewear, which may include items like bodysuits, corsets, control panties, control camisoles and belts and of which several types are available on our website. Slip into a pair of thigh shapers to give you’re the perfect slim legs under fitted trousers or try one of our medium or high control belts to help you beat the bulge, eliminate the displeasing appearance of rolls and unwanted curves and create a smooth line over your abdomen. Or, for full body coverage and a streamlined figure, try a full body suit; we are in love with our Penny 12 Hour Thinvisible Open Bust Bodysuit – it’s light, comfortable and, best of all, open-busted so you can still wear it with your favourite bra and not worry about the bustier size when you pick your shapewear size. Plus, almost all our shapewear comes in nude (and quite a few in black) so that it can remain invisible and you can layer your shaping lingerie flawlessly under your outerwear.