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    As happens to be the case with so many other things in life – when it comes to bras, there are pros and cons, and when it comes to their features, there can be a shift in preference according to the wearer. Wirefree bras are one such example of preference. Why, you ask? Well, you see, over the passage of time and an evolution in the capabilities of fashion, undergarments, too, have evolved into a much more complex version of what it once was. Where the introduction of wire into garments has given a truly admirable bump in the support and lift properties of bras, bras has developed to have wonderful features such as seams, elastic bands and non-stretchable material to contribute to the design of a bra – and the brilliance of such development is that it allows the women of today to make choices for their bodies and what they put on it with plenty of options to choose from. With Losha’s utterly sensational range of wirefree bras, you can explore garments that extend from simple, exquisite tastes to more bold and detailed ones – and you always have the opportunity to pick what you love.