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    Breast surgery of any sort is absolutely no joke – be it one for breast enhancement, or a mastectomy, or another sort. Just as it is no joke, any such surgery isn’t something to be ashamed of either; rather, it is a personal choice to make, and rarely an easy one to make at that. Hence, Losha believes that the post surgical bras period is definitely one where there ought to be no compromising when it comes to a woman’s comfort in such a sensitive time, especially when it is pertaining to the physical sensitivity of a woman’s body that calls for a touch of delicate handling. Losha’s range of post-surgical bras, therefore, come with the purpose of tending to a woman’s comfort needs – bringing with it a series of garments with sweet style to them, and features such as cotton bands, front-hook opening clasps, and pockets to insert padding of a woman’s choice into, should she choose to. These bras are not only something to offer comfort and show sensitivity, but also happen to be a way to offer a range of options to live with breast surgery instead of around it.