Nightwear is an incredibly intimate thing, isn’t it? It happens to be a portion of your closet that it is most important to keep comfortable, because where else would you really need to be comfortable more than you ought to be when you finally lie down after a long day of work? For moments like this, Losha is here to support you the same as it always is, and now it is so very pleased as it brings you an absolutely unforgettable line of cotton nightwear that is designed with solely the wearer’s comfort in mind. Cotton, as a fabric, is one of the most deliciously soft and incredibly breathable ones out there, which is precisely the reason it is perfect to sleep in. It is perfect for offering a luxurious softness to envelop you as sweetly as the dreams me hope that you always have. What more? This softness comes in the form of super cool patterns and a level of elegance that is not compromised just because the garments are nightwear and not daywear – after all, it’s not as though style is restricted to a time of day, right? Here, we believe in treating women with the love and support that they deserve, and this line of cotton nightwear is just another representation of this aim!