There is often a misconception in society that underwear is just underwear. The truth is that it isn’t – rather, there is such a thing as the right kind of underwear for you, decided on the basis of your body-type, style preferences and, most importantly, your necessities. Losha brings you an absolutely unforgettable range of fashion briefs that feature all sorts of cuts (low-cut, high-cut, and with variations in coverage offered) and designs (some sultry, some sweet, some simple and practical) that was designed to cater to the comfort and style preferences of every woman. Whether it’s something no-nonsense that is desired, or something with more intricate detailing, you can browse through this range of fashion briefs and pick what you love best. Of course, they come with an additional benefit of including the very helpful feature of a soft gusset at the crotch that is present to assist with hygiene needs. More than anything, every woman definitely deserves to have a say in what makes them not just look but feel beautiful – and sometimes that starts with what you put on your body. Here, at Losha, we are always here to help you find your perfect fit!