Boyshorts… the name sort of gives it away, doesn’t it? It’s underwear holding an inspired similarity to men’s boxer shorts. Though, of course, that doesn’t go to say that the two are the same thing; instead, they are merely a quirky variation of its masculine counterpart, and are designed to reach all the way down a woman’s hips and land somewhere against the thigh. When it comes down to it, boyshorts are a wonderfully playful, yet deliciously comfortable option to go for. Unlike with men’s boxer shorts, its boyshorts that have a lower-cut waistline that are designed to flatter a woman’s form without compromising on any of the amazing benefits – such as the awesome medium- to high-coverage, and luxurious material that is meant to mould against your form perfectly, amongst others. Boyshorts offer control and are there to complement any body type. As always, Losha’s objective is to help every woman find her perfect fit – and this range of underwear is no different. Get ready to look beautiful – and feel it too!