Typically speaking, a shapewear belts is usually fashioned out of leather and wrapped around a waist to hold up, support or to attach the occasional weapon to. However, this range of belts at Losha has another appearance and set of purposes entirely. These belts, though technically intended to be bound around one’s waist, still cover a lot more area than your average dictionary-definition belt. Where it is still designed to support, it holds in instead of holding up, and offers control for the form and is good at smoothing out and binding close the region of a body from under the bust to the pelvic region. It is not generalising to say that many women in the world experience issues, insecurity and inconvenience when it comes to this area – and so, it goes without saying that it is a really wonderful invention, and one that offers some really great uses. This range is not limited to only one sort of belt, either; instead providing you with options to make your choice from. Even with this, Losha offers you a choice of preference – go ahead and have fun with it!