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    There are so many things that a bra is designed to do. They hold up a bust with straps, and side-wings, and support it with the cups – and also, they offer coverage and prevent nipple exposure, and keep a woman’s body feeling secure and comfortable. Often, it is likely that cups might be padded, moulded or even just have seams across the cups in order to prevent unwanted and unfortunate nipple exposure. But sometimes, another option can be that the cups are double-layered, which quite simply means that the fabric the cups are composed of has another layer of fabric lining the inside of the cup to offer more resistance and support the bust better. These bras can have underwire in-sewn and curving under the cups, as well, for extra support. Here, at Losha, we bring you an utterly fabulous range packed with options of bras with double-layered cups, which come in many cuts and with many interesting designs and patterns for you to explore through. Double-layered cup bras can be so incredibly comfortable and flexibly accommodating for one’s bust – and at Losha, you have plenty amazing ones to be able to choose from!