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    For its own time the world’s first bra was an unique phenomenon unlike the corsets that had been typically used for support and control functions, and unlike anything else as well – and yet, compared to the composition and designing of non padded bras now, even simple has more detail attached to it that makes it extraordinary. That is, offering not just support and control, but rather, something more. The level of support and control provided being infinitely more sophisticated and amplified in terms usefulness, for one. For those who might consider non-padded bras to be inferior to padded bras might have to think twice when they see just how functional and practical a non-padded bra can be when it comes down to it – in fact, one might even say that non-padded bras, especially of the coquettishly sheer or elegantly lacy variety, work best at portraying itself as a sultry garment. The point of padding is either to prevent nipple exposure, or to push the wearer’s bust up more and more firmly (or even both things, if it comes down to it) and, now, even non-padded bras can provide that easily. So, come explore the incredible non-padded bras range at Losha and find the one that will reshape the way you look at them.