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    Time is a funny thing, isn’t it? In a way, there isn’t much in the world, and especially not the World of Fashion, that is impervious to its impact. Padded bras are just one more example of this – where, once upon a time, the purpose of the undergarment was simple support, it is now something else altogether; it is something more. There is a certain magic to padded bras, so to speak, where they are a garment designed with a lot of thought put into their functions, which happen to be a thing that increases in number every other update. Think about it: support for one’s back, shaping for a rounder appearance, prevention from sagging, coverage-providing, size-increasing, cleavage-enhancing, suppression – there seems to be no limit to what the right technology can achieve for one’s form. And that is not all! It isn’t that the increase in usefulness even takes away from the style that time has seen become a large part of garments, even those that are worn under ones clothes. Losha brings you padded bras in a multitude of styles and colours, ready to exhibit to you a beautiful change.