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    It is safe to say that bras did not always come with wire sewn in—and why would it, too, when a woman’s expectations from her undergarments were quite grounded, and dreaming big definitely did not tend to extend to one's underclothes. But time has wrought some pretty impressive changes when it comes to both the designing of undergarments, and the people who wear them. Adding underwire as a feature in bras just so happens to be something of a revolutionary move on some level, especially when the difference it has made in the possibility of support offered. And it isn’t just support it offers, either – wired bras also prevent sagging and lend to the shaping and containment of one’s form, offering a lift to the bust and the ability to hold it in place and relieve pressure on a woman’s back. It’s almost like magic, if you look at it that way! The beautiful range of wired bras that Losha brings you come in such an eye-catching series of patterns and styles, it only makes it abundantly clear that this technology takes absolutely nothing away from its fashionableness. If anything, wired bras are just proof of the way fashion has evolved to cater to a woman’s needs in ways that no one could have imagined when the garment was first created.