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    For entirely too long, we have been existing in a world where people are of the extremely narrow-minded opinion that style ought to be relegated to a specific time of day where one can be seen and approved of. But no longer! Losha brings you an utterly divine range of premium nightwear that exists to shatter such a preposterous and out-dated illusion, and give you a line of nightwear that is so undeniably stylish that it will change the way you look at the situation too. Style is something entirely personal, much the same way as one’s choice of nightwear happens to be – and to combine the two in no way results in it being any less personal of a choice for a woman to make for herself. So, come look around and find something that will make you feel beautiful, and let’s forget the ridiculous social construct that insists one feel bad about wanting to feel that way. Style is eternal, we have heard – so why not take it to bed, too? Losha very proudly introduces a fabulous line of premium nightwear that features inspired designs, sensational patterns, and exquisite material that mix together to make you look sweeter than a dream!