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    The time in a woman’s life during, or even around, a pregnancy is a time that is – if not absolutely special to every woman – a time where a woman’s body is extremely sensitive, and somewhat constantly changing in terms of plenty: from everything from size to level of comfort, everything is subject to change. And here comes Losha, with its motto to love every woman, with a line of maternity underwear to be suitable for catering to the needs of any woman in such a time of life. This line of maternity briefs features a range of panties with the flexibility and coverage properties that are set to provide the comfort, support and coverage that a woman’s body during or around a pregnancy may need. Of course, no woman wants to spend on a garment and have it become useless due to her bodies changing – and so, Losha brings maternity briefs that are not only dependable, but also spectacularly durable. You should get ready to feel comfortable support and impeccable stability like never before!