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    When the world’s first bra was created, it is safe to say that it did not have any padding. In fact, it wasn’t even until the 1940s, which was quite a while after the initial creation of the bra, that a bra’s cups were padded. However, despite how the progression took its sweet time, there can be no doubting the many benefits padding in bra cups brings to a woman. To begin with, it simply contributes so beautifully to the greatly sought-after comfort aspect of desirable undergarments. It also contributes to a rounder, more controlled shaping of a bust and an increase in the quality of support a bra can offer the wearer. It is a thoroughly beneficial invention, and how could Losha resist bringing you a fantastic, impeccably stylish range of lightly padded bras that will change your day to day existence? The truth is that we just can’t, because Losha is every woman’s best friend and we believe that you deserve the very best from us – and it is products like lightly padded bras that will best fulfil your many support and comfort needs. Of course, it only adds to the appeal that something that can make you feel so safe can make you look pretty great, too!