Though this was not always the case, nowadays, when a new sort of bra is introduced, it happens to come with a purpose behind every new feature. For this reason, it is not all that surprising that, despite push-up bras themselves being a phenomenon that has been gotten used to, there are still distinctions that can be made between the service a type of it offers the wearer. In the case of a level 1 push-up bra, it happens to offer a understated but still pretty visible bump in bust-size, succeeding in shaping it rounder and more evidently, and granting the wearer a wonderfully perfect amount of gentle cleavage enhancement to make you feel both supported and absolutely gorgeous. Here, at Losha, we bring you a sassy line of level 1 push up bras that are designed to give you the experience of epic support for your bust, without compromise in terms of a wearer’s comfort, and still manage to perfectly demonstrate, with a beautiful subtlety, the magic a classy push-up bra can work and that it does not necessarily have to mean a display of a more extreme amount of cleavage. Sometimes, less is more – and now, you can choose it if you want it.