There really seems to be a bra for everything these days. This isn’t simply due to garment-production being a popular commercial business, but rather because the world has begun to accept that there are certain needs a woman’s body requires to be comfortable in certain situations – and so, it isn’t all that surprising that sports bras are a trend, nor that they are enough of one to need to be further diversified in type in terms of activity. High impact bras are just one such type of sports bra, and they just so happen to be the type best suited for what is referred to, quite befittingly, as “high impact activities.” Such activities include dancing and running, and Losha brings you an exciting new line of high impact bras designed specifically to offer impeccable support and wonderful comfort through the span of them. The line is fresh-feeling, practically exploding with bright-hued vibrancy that brings features that grant unparalleled support, boundless comfort together and throws in just the right splash of fun that is bound to change your work-out routines forever. Who said it had to be all work and play? Not this fabulous range of high impact bras, for sure!