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    Losha is designed to be every woman’s best friend – this means loving and providing options for every different kind of body, which means that all body-types are considered. Full-coverage minimiser bras are an excellent example of bras designed for the comfort and support needs of larger-busted women, in order to make them feel good and taken care of. As all full-coverage bras do, a full-coverage minimizer bra comes with full cups that give maximum coverage for the bust and allow no room for spillage – but with full-coverage minimizer bras come with the extra feature of not only covering and supporting, but also reducing the look of one’s bust. Oftentimes, a larger bust can cause unfortunate back-problems and, otherwise, even cause a woman to be self-conscious about something she was born with, and full coverage minimizer bras are the solution to the problems that they face. These bras provide a level of security and control that can go a long way in making larger busts be less of an inconvenience, and more an aspect of one’s body that they can love for what it is when it doesn’t make them uncomfortable. At Losha, we offer a wonderful range of full-coverage minimizer bras that are built to help you if you want it!