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    A full coverage bras refers, in a broad sense, to bras that have full cups that offer the maximum amount of coverage. Now, that means that they cover the bust entirely, and their main function is not to push the bust up, or to display cleavage, but rather to simply coat the bust thoroughly and offer absolute support in holding it up and shaping it roundly. Full-coverage bras are best-suited for larger busts, as they exist to offer maximum support and coverage that someone with a larger bust may need in order to be comfortable. And Losha is ready to bring you an absolutely awesome range of full-coverage bras that will change your life. They offer the kind of support that never lets you down, but does not compromise your shape, either; these full-coverage bras are bound to keep you secure all day whilst still being comfortable and stylish, and come with the added benefit of a much smoother look under your clothes. What more? We offer these full-coverage bras in a variety of fabulous styles. Whoever went and said that practical can’t mean beautiful, too, probably just never shopped at Losha!