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    Corset comes from a word corps in Old French which has been linked to corpus in Latin meaning “body.” Hence, it isn’t entirely surprising that the purpose of a corset through time has had everything to do with the shaping of the body – the upper-body, to be more specific; it has tended to always focus on the shaping of the torso for the most part. However, though this function has stayed more or less the same over the evolution of style in time, the manner in which a corset can be worn seems to have changed plenty over the passing span of time. Where the garment had once been strictly intended to be worn as a part of ones underclothes, as well as being designed for both men and women to wear, it is now neither limited to being an undergarment, nor necessary for a male costume to be complete. Nowadays, a corset can be pulled off when being worn as a sassy top on a fun night out just as well as it can be utilised as a sort of shapewear under a woman’s outfit. And that isn’t all – now, it isn’t only simple and functional corsets that are sought. Losha’s range of fabulous corsets only goes to show you: a corset can have impeccable style to it, and every bit as stunningly sultry as your heart desires.