You wouldn’t think it until you really think about it, but really, a tank top is possibly one of the most essential options one can add to their closet. No matter what material it is composed of – although, it is usually something wonderfully soft and breathable – they are designed to be an impeccably low-maintenance addition to apparel. However, what makes a tank top such an awesome item to have in one’s collection isn’t just the luxuriousness of the material it is made of; rather, it is the diversity in terms of purpose that makes it such a fantastic thing to have. Whether you want to lounge around in one over pyjama bottoms, throw one on for a round of working-out at the gym, or want to throw it on under a button-down for hanging out with your friends – you can really rock a tank top anywhere, so long as you do it with the right amount of style. Here, at Losha, you can come find a radical range of comfort tank tops and pick the one that you love best!