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    Did you know that the word bandeau originates from a French word “bande”? A word that means strip. This is no coincidence; in fact, it just so happens to be what the garment is designed in the light of, seeing as its structure is a strip of cloth that smoothly wraps all the way around a bust and binds it for support and form-moulding purposes, sometimes decorated by the fabric gathering together in the middle. It is said that a bandeau bra is an unexpectedly exquisite mixture between a tube top and a strapless bra, and somehow, that little amalgamation of garments works pretty well, because a bandeau bra can be plenty useful – and of course, incredibly attractive, in general. It can be donned for anything party or a work-out, depending on the material, which shows its multi-purpose excellence, making it such an amazing addition to have in one’s closet. Here, at Losha, we bring you an absolutely delicious range of bandeau bras that capture perfectly the very quirky yet super sultry essence the garment was crafted to be. Whether you want it lacy, bold, or silken – we have got plenty for you to choose from!