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    An air bras, quite simply put, feels like a gust of air blown your way; feeling incredibly light, an wonderfully rejuvenating – and who knows, maybe you just might find it a vital aspect to your life, when it comes down to it. Just imagine in being wrapped up in a feeling like that! At any rate, it is an extremely cleverly crafted garment that is designed to have special features, such as it being both wirefree and seamless, guaranteeing optimum comfort for the wearer, and having air padding in the cups to mould one’s bust. At Losha, we bring you a sensational range of the phenomenon that is air bras, and we bring them in the form of elegant garments, often high-coverage cuts for that feeling of security and support, and undeniably gorgeous in colours that happen to be so enthusiastically vibrant that there’s no chance that they wouldn’t brighten your days right up. These are built to keep the wearer feeling as contented as they might without any bra on at all – but without having to compromise on support and coverage that one needs throughout their days. An air bra can be worn anywhere from at home and lounging on a sofa, to the park for a picnic. Comfort never goes out of style!