Every Panty You Need

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It’s a pretty understood thing that every season and every occasion has a different panty. Therefore your panties collection should be spot on.

To help ladies out there, Losha.pk is there for the rescue. If you don’t know why you should have different panties for different occasions, then you’re clearly missing out on the basics. Having different panties is very important depending on what you’re going to wear. How many of you have had panty lines visible through your dress when you were looking completely perfect? Nearly all of us have had this sloppy experience sometime or the other. This is because most women go for basic underwear when buying lingerie. Women choose the bras matching with their outfit, so why not choose the best panties?

Here 8 type of panties every woman needs:

1. High-Waist/Granny Panties:


This type of panty is simply for your own ease and relaxation plus if you have a tummy, it puts everything in its own place.


2. Period panties:


As the name indicates, if you don’t have period panties then you should spend in some. They are preferably meant to be black or dark colors just in case flow gets heavier.


3. Panty Briefs:


 Looking for an extra coverage? If you want that little extra coverage panty briefs are your best friend. They are comfortable to wear and move around throughout the day. Invest in panty briefs as they are perfect relaxing daily underwear.


4. G-Strings


These are sparsest of underwear for sure, but they come in accessible when you want to rock a tight dress or some leggings/jeggings.


5. Boy Shorts:

Panties-4-loshaSculpted after men’s briefs, boy shorts take on a more rectangular shape than most panties. Comparable to the hipster, the main dissimilarity is that they have a lower-cut leg. In fact, some styles’ legs outspread a short way down the thigh.


6. Silk Panties:

There are times when you want to be relaxed and there are times when you want to feel decadent. Silk panties are there for you when you want it all at once. You can definitely rock your time with a pair of comfy yet luxurious silk or satin panties.


7. Thongs:


This is the style required when needing an underwear for clothing like tight or fitted dresses, because it provides no coverage on the hips and therefore no panty lines issue.


8. Lacy undies:

Pantaies-LoshaLacy undies are just as relaxing as other panties and there are chances that after wearing one you may end up looking like a goddess specially when paired with a matching bra.


These are the 8 type of panties that every women should have and any lingerie wardrobe is incomplete without these panties. Invest in these type of panties and get your wardrobe ready to rock and roll. All the types and styles of panties are available at Losha.pk. One can check and shop online and instore. You won’t be disappointed with the quality and designs, that’s a guarantee!

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