Take The Plunge!

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Do you know what is a plunge bra?

Most women have t-shirt bras as their go-to bras, but plunge bras are just as sexy and amazing as t-shirt bras! They suit a greater range of breast shapes and body types too. Some women prefer bras with plunge cups because they fit better than full coverage bras or demi cups.

What’s more is that plunge cups, due to their unique shape, offer a natural and sexy lift to your breasts that is more subtle than the infamous push-up bras. The latter comes with padding at the bottom of the cup that brings your breasts inwards and upwards for a notable lift while plunge bras bring the breasts together from the center of the cup.

How do you recognise a plunge bra?

plunge bra features a deep v-neckline and a cut that fits well into your curves. It’s the perfect type of bra to wear underneath low-cut dresses tops that usually don’t go too well with other kinds of bras.


Why should you go for a plunge bra:

1. Shorter wires prevent poking.
If your major complaint about bras is that the wire pokes your breasts or sit on them, then plunge bras are definitely the best choice for you. These bras don’t go all the way from the side to the center of your bosom; rather, they have a shorter wire which results in less prodding and poking.
Women who don’t like underwire bras will find a lot of comfort in using a plunge style bra.

2. Better coverage
Some women with large breasts believe that they cannot wear plunge bras because it will cause spillage. It makes sense to think like that due to the word plunge and also because the cut of plunge bras look like it will offer less coverage. But hold on, there’s another side to it.
A deeper-v and angled cups actually offer more coverage at the top, particularly with mesh overlay. Actually, if you have a big bosom, this type of bra provides the safety-mesh you want to avoid cup overflow.


3. No gaping with plunge cups
Ever experienced pairing your favorite bra with a tight t-shirt only to be disappointed at the cup edges being visible? Buying a deep plunge bra online or through a lingerie store will solve all these problems for you.
With low-cut cups, mesh overlay, and straps that are supportive, a plunge style bra will remove all the bra lines and make you feel like a diva! These days, everything is available on the internet. Women can buy ladies tops online, teenagers can buy beginners bras online and pretty much everything else too.

So you need not worry about availability. Are you ready to go for the plunge?

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