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    Shapewear: the name of the garment sort of says it all, doesn’t it? Or at the very least allows you to know its purpose – that is, to help shape when worn. Now, this just so happens to be a wonderfully vague description, because it allows room for the category of “regular shapewear” to include everything from shaping body-suits to shaping camisoles, either of which can be open at the bust and focusing on control of the torso or thigh regions, as well as being inclusive of both regions, too. There is no limit to the areas of one’s body that regular shapewear can cover, and the aim of it is to offer control and support features that make it possible to maintain body-shape in a way that makes the entire body appear deliciously sleek and smooth, as well as being quite wonderfully well-managed. This shapewear tends to comprise of flexible material that is breathable enough to compress everything into a neat and smooth shape, without causing a body to overheat or causing any immense discomfort. It’s amazing, how this range of regular shapewear is just one more miraculous example of comfortable support!