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    As the name of the garment makes it pretty clear, a racer back bra has everything to do with the design at its back – in particular, this speaks of the style in which the straps of a bra are arranged, which must be in either a “V’ shape or a “T” shape in order to qualify as such a garment. Now, as it is this specific distinction that separates a racerback bra from that of any other style, it makes the type of bra that can have a racerback quite an open list. A racerback bra can be anything from an extremely sensible sports bra to a sultry fashion bra. This is actually because of the inherent aim that the racerback technology has been designed with in mind: that is, to provide excellent support and reduce the probability of a bounce to one’s form instead of delicious stability. The pattern makes the straps move from between the shoulder-blades, making it not only fantastic at its job of the provision of extra support, but also makes a rather awesome fashion statement as the straps boldly play a super fun game of peek-a-boo under one’s clothing, if a woman wants. Losha can’t wait for you to fall in love with this range!