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    It seems odd, doesn’t it, to think very hard about underwear? And yet, it is only when you really start to think on it that you come to realise just how much has had to evolve before this place was reached: this place being a point where there is underwear designed for reasons that are individuals’ preferences – and it is a thought that is quite mind-blowing. It doesn’t feel like a big deal, and yet, we live in a world where there is an option of mid-rise panties that offer excellent, full coverage and are higher-set than low-cut or low-rise panties and still allow for a slightly sassy cut, regardless. Mid-rise, full coverage providing panties can come in gorgeous styles – and in the case of this range by Losha, absolutely do, too – and still represent a line of undeniably functional underwear that can keep the women wearing it comfortable and cared for, and feeling that way for long hours of the day. It is a style of underwear that can look lovely and feel fantastic to wear at the same time. In other words? Definitely a range worth exploring!