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    You wouldn’t wear a ball-gown to bed, now, would you? Or wear a pair of pyjamas to a job interview? This is because, whether people conform to socially dictated standards of propriety of not, it is inherently known that there are certain things in the world that are not suitable for certain situations. And, much in the same way, there happen to be certain things that are suitable for certain situations. Therefore, it is only befitting that the same rules apply when it comes to undergarments – even sports bras. It makes sense, really, for there to be different types of sports bras, since there are different types of sports as well. Medium impact bras are designed for medium impact activities – these include things like road bicycling, hiking and skiing; things that, in other words, entail a moderate amount of bouncing and, hence, tend to require a moderate amount of binding of the bust in order to prevent that bouncing. But no one ever went and said that working out had to be all play and no fun – and if they did, it was probably because they never encountered Losha’s utterly fresh and indisputably fun line of medium impact bras!