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    Medium Coverage Bra Used as an adjective, “medium” means halfway between two extremes of size, amount, length, etc. When using the word in terms of coverage – well, it is the same thing; to be more specific, it seems to refer to an offering of coverage halfway between maximum (that is: full-coverage), and minimum coverage that a garment can offer its wearer. What does halfway coverage entail, you ask? It is simply a decent amount of coverage that still manages to allow an equally decent amount of cleavage enhancement and display – in a way, what medium coverage bras provide is something in the middle of practical and provocative, and something like that can quickly become an awesome, essential addition to one’s day once they get used to it. Fortunately, Losha brings you an incredibly fabulous range of medium coverage bras that come in some inspiringly awesome patterns as well as more sultry, lace lathered bras, which only serves to show the amount of options you have the prerogative to choose what you want to get used to. At any rate, medium coverage bras just might be the ideal best of both worlds – a sensible garment with just the right amount of fun for any day of the week. You don’t want to miss out!