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    Although it no doubt sounds quite unbelievable to say, panties weren’t always what was worn by women for underwear. In fact, once upon a time, women used to wear something entirely else under their choice of apparel – and in extension, for there to be any panties at all was a notion that had not yet been thought up, much less the excellent perks that the adjustment of certain features might bring about. One such feature, of course, is the low cut or low rise style of design – which, by definition, is built to sit low on the wearer’s hips. And yet, this utterly fantastic range of underwear in an unforgettable series of colours and truly stylish patterns is packed with options that are cut this way and do not compromise on the coverage they provide. Now, it isn’t just to look good that a low-cut or low-rise style of panties can be useful to wear; in fact, it makes them the ideal option to go for when wearing a pair of low-sitting jeans or other bottom-half-covering options. These are garments that weren’t an option before – and now they are a choice you can make.