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    Just as it goes when it comes to any other sort of apparel, swimwear is just another kind of clothing that one is allowed to have preferences about. After all, we all have things we feel comfortable and beautiful in and things that we don’t. It is entirely possible that some women actually prefer more coverage than others – and, ultimately, it is all about what makes you feel good in your skin and your clothes. Here, at Losha, we bring you a super awesome range of Legsuit swimwear that is preferred by some – some due to its resistance to water temperature and substances such as chlorine that don’t agree with everyone, or purely for want of more coverage when swimming or just lounging by the poolside. And whoever said that more means less didn’t know anything at all – and after seeing the deliciously vibrant colours and patterns reflected in this range, it is safe to say that you can see that more can feel like more. We aspire to make every woman look as good as she feels… and it is our objective to do both just as well as the other!