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    The more you browse, the better you will undoubtedly see: Losha’s line of swimwear is designed to balance for you the scale between what makes you comfortable, and what makes you beautiful. How, you ask? Well, that is absolutely simple: we simply give you lines of swimwear as unbelievably fantastic as the full coverage long leg swimwear line, which is willing to redefine socially dictated standards of beauty for something far truer. True beauty, after all, is something we at Losha believe to be defined by how happy a woman is – and we see that by trying to make our women happy. And it just so happens that if what makes them happy is swimwear that will do everything a swimming costume is intended to, and keep you as covered as you want to be, without fumbling with your level of comfort with it, then we have got your back. Losha believes in loving every woman, and taking care of all of their needs: if what you decide you need is a long-legged piece of swimwear offering maximum coverage, then we bring you the answer to your troubles in styles so simplistic yet elegant that you will fall in love right away!