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    A cosy garment that is commonly composed of easily stretchable fabric, designed to fit the wearer’s legs quite like a second skin – except this second skin can keep you warm, offer coverage, and fanciful style represented through fun colours and cool patterns that add vibrancy to this undeniably sturdy outer-garment. Losha very happily brings you a super funky, super fantastic line of fashion leggings that turn a very practical garment into a thing of utterly fabulous style. Leggings happen to be one of those few garments that you can always make use of, no matter what, because there are just so many situations they can keep you comfortable in without taking away from the propriety of the apparel; they fit in everywhere from a rigid work-out session at the gym where they make it easy to move with flexibility properties whilst offering coverage, just as they would fit under a sassy skirt worn to a party, keeping you covered and warm and absolutely beautiful. As always, Losha tries with this line of fashion leggings to fulfil the objective of bringing women comfort and glamour at the same time!