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    Why choose between looks and feel? Why in this progressive and modern world can't be have both? Here at Losha we believe that the two should always go together. Mixing style with solid support and comfort is not only a nice thought, but an easy reality when it comes to our products. Why not cover the essential basics and choose the new you? With our amazing crossover bras, you can have it all. Come explore at Losha where we bring you an awesome range of crossover bras; garments designed purely with the objective of giving every woman something extra with its intricate detailing, be it a bump in cleavage or simply give you a bolder, sassier look. These bras come with excellent features that mould the form roundly and then show it off with its aesthetically pleasing vibrancy and beauty that it exudes in addition to the comfortable support that comes with its excellently-crafted structure. Here, at Losha, we believe that sometimes, girls just want to have fun!