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    Would you ever consider wearing a lawn collection created by your local cobbler? What about shoes sold by your cosmetics store? Probably not, right? Not unless it was something remarkable. That is because, as women, most of us have our preferred brands for anything and we prefer sticking to them. This does not mean that we’re permanently attached, however. If a woman sees a brand she loves, she will definitely have a look at it. And that’s why we have a separate category for our available brands – so that even if you do have a favourite to buy from on our website (or even in general) you can still have a look at other possibilities and have a browse.

    Here at Losha, we too are women and we realize that not all women have the same requirements and facilities. We all have different preference in terms of the styling we prefer and like to wear different brands and products. Moreover, realistically, many people may have restrictions placed upon them in terms of realistic concerns like size and monetary allowance. It is factors like this that determine the choice we make, especially in terms of the brands we buy. At Losha, we understand these customer concerns and have done our best to address them – our products are as diverse as they possibly can be and we aim to keep it this way, so that we’re here to serve each and every one of you, no matter what your concerns. For your ease, we recommend brands like Espico and Amrij if you are a little tight in the pocket, and ones like Penny, Coucou and Victoria’s Secret if you are willing to spend a little more.