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    The term “3/4th coverage bras” typically refers to bras that are, as the name probably tips off, cut lower than full-cup bras. These are cut a specific way, often in a push-up cup style, and tend to be designed to fit a relatively larger bust and mould it in a way that allows a certain display of cleavage without it being either indecent or uncomfortable for the wearer. A 3/4th coverage bra is designed to allow that sophisticated enhancement without having to compromise on the support-front wanted from a quality garment, and can be an incredibly useful garment to have in one’s closet. Here, at Losha, you can scope out a fabulous range of 3/4th coverage offering bras in such a variety of different styles that you might have trouble believing that all are crafted to be the same cut – the saying goes that it’s “the devil in the details,” but in this case, you just might find magic in the intricate alterations that make the largest differences and provide you with this exquisite range that you won’t be able to get sick of. Come look around – you never know what you might love!