What's your breast shape?

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What are breast shapes?

Did you know? Breasts come in a number of shapes and sizes! No two people's breasts look the same. In fact, not even the one person's breasts are always identical. Why does it matter?

Knowing your breast shape determines what kind of bras you wear, what kind of clothes suit you and even how you can best support your breasts! Read on and find out what your breast shape is!

What's your breast shape?

Knowing and understanding your body is the first step to loving it! Keep reading to find your breast shape, so that you can gain information and confidence.

If you're not sure what your shape is, read this and have a look in the mirror. Let's help you figure it out!

1. The Basic

The most basic breast shape is considered a ‘standard’ all over the world — round and uniformly full, with slightly pointed nipples.

This is considered the most average shape and is used by manufacturers to design bras.

2. Asymmetrical

Asymmetrical breasts are much more common than you would think! This means that both breasts are not the same size or shape.

The difference in size can range upto a whole bra size! Luckily, you are not alone: over 50% women’s breasts are asymmetrical. Padded bras can help give the appearance of a more even size.

3. Athletic

An athletic shape means that breasts contain more muscle than fat. These breasts are wider and flatter, creating a less curvy shape.

This type of breast needs minimal support and can work with bralettes alone. To add some curves, you can try push-up bras on special occasions!

4. Bell-Shaped

Like the name sounds, bell-shaped breasts are shaped like a bell! They are narrower on top, heavier and rounder at the bottom.

A padded or molded cup bra can help adjust to a more even shape. You can even try underwired bras for extra support!

5. Close-Set

If your breasts are close-set, that means they are placed close together on your chest. There is a small gap between them, and a larger gap between your armpits and breasts.

A bra with a narrow center, like a plunge or balconette style, gives close-set breasts the perfect comfort and support! They also fit better on your closer-set breasts.

6. Conical

Conical breasts are pointy. They are more pointed than round, a shape that is common in smaller sizes.

A padded bra or even a push-up bra can help round out the shape of your breasts for a sleeker look.

7. East West

Like the name suggests, east-west breasts point out in opposite sides. Your nipples will likely point outwards rather than being in the clear center.

East-west breasts need a bra style to bring them closer together. Racerback bras and even underwired ones will help bring your breasts together.

8. Relaxed

If your breasts have looser or more fatty tissue and nipples that point downwards, they can be categorized as relaxed shape.

Double-layered bras are a good and super comfortable solution for relaxed breasts, providing support that keeps you cool and comfortable.

9. Round

Round breasts have evenly distributed weight! They are equally round on top and bottom and can be described as ‘perky’ — they can also be found in different sizes.

Lucky for you, round breasts are not droopy and require little support. An unpadded bra would be perfect for you!

10. Side-Set

Side-set breasts are the opposite of close-set breasts: they are set far apart on your chest and have a wide space between them.

Like east-west breasts, side-set breasts can benefit from closeness too. Underwired bras can help maintain a closer-set look.

11. Teardrop

One of the more common shapes is called teardrop. Teardrop breasts are round, but the bottom is a little denser than the top. More weight lies in the bottom than the top.

Teardrop breasts, like round breasts, have a beautiful shape of their own! Add support with an unpadded bra or even a bralette, depending on the size of your breasts.

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