The Sports Bra

The New Year starts with resolutions for most of us; a last ditch effort to start afresh and turn over a new leaf; to start the year of on our best foot, skipping. Of course, it doesn’t quite work that way and most of us wind up failing sooner rather than later. But for those of you inspiring souls who do keep up with your resolution to get fit and exercise more, there is one vital piece of clothing you need:

The sports bra.

Anyone with the least bit of lingerie know-how can go on for actual years about the importance of a good sports bra. It may just be the holy grail of bras. Are you going to be playing a sport? Wear a sports bra. Floor exercises and some light cardio? Reach for a sports bra. Yoga, aerobics, pilates, Zumba? Sports bra. Dancing, skipping, running? Sports bra sports bra . There is no other alternative.

No matter how strenuous the activity you will be engaging in, there is a sports bra out there for you, so embrace it and your body will thank you. Not wearing a sports bra can open you up to the perils of the breast tissue spraining, pulling and even tearing, causing permanent damage and sagging. Your poor breast tissue that suffers stretching and spraining and the stress of activity will thank you for the help provided by adequate support.

The function of a sports bra is simple: to provide the kind of support and reduced movement you need if you’re going to be moving around a lot. Forget those days of early sagging and uncomfortable bouncing. Embrace your sports bra.

To make matters even better – and easier for you! – the standard sports bra is now available in different levels of control for different levels of activity. Choose between light impact for yoga, walking or gardening; medium impact for cycling, power walking and hiking; high impact for jogging and moderately active sports like tennis; and maximum impact for intense workouts, running and more strenuous sports like basketball, dancercise and Zumba.

The Sports Bra - LOsha

For women living in Pakistan, our sister brand offers a multitude of sports bras for all your requirements.

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