Difference between Microfiber and Cotton bra

If you happen to be one of those girls who can walk into any lingerie store and just grab a bra for yourself, then you’ve been doing it wrong all along. That’s because the fabric of your bra goes a long way in ensuring your comfort, shape and support. Given the amount of different types of fabrics used for making lingerie, we will be discussing two of the most popular fabrics that go into making lingerie: microfiber and cotton. These fabrics are quite similar to one another too, and that’s why we’ll talk about what differentiates the two.


Cotton Bras:

Majority of bras are made of cotton, pretty much the same way your wardrobe consists primarily of cotton-made apparel. This fabric is extremely soft and comes from the cotton plant. It’s made into different forms. There are many types of bras that are made of this material. From maternity bras to minimizer bras, from low-end bras to front open cotton bras, one can nearly find every type of bra in this fabric.

This material is durable, comfortable, absorbent, breathable and washable. However, it’s still not recommended that you relegate your cotton bras to your washing machine! In fact, cotton can shrink really easily but that doesn’t prevent people from going for this comfortable fabric.

Microfiber Bras:

This is another fabric that is popularly used for producing lingerie and other products as well. It’s made of filament fibers spun around tightly so that one can hardly feel the real texture of the fabric grain. This is what makes it an ideal fabric to be worn underneath clothes.

Microfiber is an extremely lightweight, thin, and breathable material that has a silky feel to it. Let’s differentiate the two fabrics now.


What’s the difference?

Now that you’re armed with the features of both fabrics, let’s see what makes them different from one another. Both bras are suitable for everyday wear, but one happens to be better than the other one.

Cotton bras are an excellent choice to wear under a t-shirt, but if the bra is bright and full of vibrant colors, the colors will most likely be visible underneath a light top. Therefore, these bras are an excellent option as long as you look out for the kind of top you’re going to wear on top of it.

Microfiber bras, as with cotton bras, are a great option due to their silky smooth feel and comfort. The major difference between the two is that microfiber bras are almost invisible when worn underneath another layer of clothing, no matter the bright color of the bra. These bras are also lighter in weight when compared to their cotton counterparts. It makes this bra the perfect choice for summers – no more boob sweat!

So while cotton may provide a softer feel, microfiber provides a lighter feel. Both are great for everyday use!